Annual General Meeting of El Valle Astronomers 2020

Annual General Meeting of El Valle Astronomers 2020
Saturday, December 12, 2020

In attendance:

  1. Amy Larson
  2. Colin Nicholls, Treasurer
  3. David Griggs, Secretary
  4. Drew Skepnek, Sergeant at Arms
  5. Francis Hahn
  6. Lee Mesibov, President
    eMail: [email protected]
  7. Olga Gressot, Member at Large
  8. Roy Troxel, Vice President
  9. Teresa Pisano

1) Treasurer’s Report : Colin detailed the financial status of El Valle Astronomers. A summary shows that we currently have $3110.52 in the bank, but have a debt
of $67 to one member. However we do need to buy a platform ladder to use
with the 30″F5 so available funds are a little over $2000.

2) Lee will continue working or re-establishing 501c3 status so that
donations to the club can be claimed as tax deductions by the donors.

3) Progress on the assembly of the 30″ F5 scope was provided. It is
anticipated that this will be fully functional by summer 2021, and
hopefully we will be able to use it at regional star parties when they

4) Discussion also included:
a. the possibility of finishing off assembly of a 36″ Dob which may be donated to UNM-Taos;
b. participating in the national conference of the Astronomical League in Albuquerque next August;
c. updating the bylaws.

Motion #1 Membership Categories, Dues, and next Annual General Meeting

Motion by Colin, seconded by Drew. Approved unanimously.

There will be two categories of membership:
Paying Paying members pay $20 per year, are on the e-mail list, have the right to vote, and are members of the Astronomical League . The Astronomical League is an umbrella organization of amateur astronomy clubs and societies. Currently their membership consists of over 240 organizations across the United States. The mission of the Astronomical League is to promote the science of astronomy through encouraging public interest via local astronomy clubs.

Non-paying Non-paying members are on the e-mail list

Dues are payable by February 1 of each year.

The next Annual General Meeting will be in December 2021.

Motion #2 Election of Board of Directors

The officers, with the addition of Olga Gressot as Member at Large, were elected by acclimation.

President           Lee Mesibov
Vice President      Roy Troxel
Secretary           David Griggs
Treasurer           Colin Nicholls
Sergeant at Arms    Drew Skepnek
Member at Large     Olga Gressot

Listen to the Sky and Cosmos Show on Sunday Afternoons
President Lee Mesibov (also known as DJ Lee) wanted to remind everyone to tune into his Sky and Cosmos Show at Dixon Radio Station KLDK in the 3-4 PM time slot on Sundays afternoons.
In addition to broadcasting live to those in the Dixon listening area, the show is broadcast worldwide on the internet. The links are:;stream.mp3 or the KDLK station site for shows at